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    19 jun 2003
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    Als er mensen interesse hebben in een lijst met alle goochelshows die in Las Vegas gegeven worden, laat het dan hier even weten. De lijst is nogal lang, en ik stuur hem daarom liever naar je persoonlijk e-mail adres. De lijst loopt van juli tot december 2004.
  2. Pipo Chris

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    9 jan 2004
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    heb je zoiets ook van New York en of een aantal plaatsen in Florida?



    CAJARI Goochelaar

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    19 jun 2003
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    Nee, voorlopig alleen maar van Las Vegas.
  4. Mr. MoLoToV

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    16 jun 2003
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    Message from David Neubauer (US) to Mister CAJARI

    Playing Until Further Notice:


    * Illusionary Magic of Rick Thomas - 2 & 4 pm - Tropicana.
    * Mac King Comedy Magic Show - 1 & 3 pm Tues-Sat - Harrah's Clint Holmes Theater.


    * Amazing Johnathan - La Cage Theater - 10 pm Wed-Mon - Riviera.
    * Collin Foster - "Quicker than the Eye" 6 pm Sat-Thurs - Westin Hotel.
    * Dirk Arthur "Splash" - Sun-Mon 8 pm, Tues-Sat 8 pm & 10:30 pm (dark Fri) - Riviera.
    * Dixie Dooley and "Shedini" open in "Escape" - Thurs. to Sat. -Riviera.
    * Jamie Porter's Radio Side Show - every Sat @ 5 am, KLAV FM 1230.
    * Lance Burton, Master Magician - Lance Burton Theater - 7 pm Tues-Sat & 10 pm Tues-Sat - Monte Carlo.
    * Penn & Teller - 9 pm Wed-Mon - Samba Theatre, Rio.
    * Peter J. Shield webcasts- with various Vegas magicians - Greek Isle.
    * "SHOCK" (strange sideshow comedy) - Greek Isle, 11 pm Sat-Mon.
    * Showgirls of Magic - 8 & 10:30 (Adults only 2nd show) - San Remo.
    * Spotlight with Will Roya, Mark Bennick & Escape Artist Tyas Frantz - 7 pm - (1/2 price for locals) Bourbon Street
    * Stephan Vanel "La Femme" - Wed-Mon 8 & 10:30 - MGM Grand.
    * Steve Wyrick - 7 & 10 pm Wed-Mon - Aladdin.
    * Tony Blanco - "Magic and Mirth" - Wed-Sun, various times - Excalibur.
    * "World's Greatest Magic Show" - 9 pm nightly, 7 & 9 Friday, 2 pm Sun - Greek Isle.


    * Kevin James, Kozak, Joseph Gabriel and The Majestix. Guests listed in the calendar below.
    * Derek Roberts, Kenny Havard & Billy Fergueson (pre-show) Nathan & Sarah - "V" - The Ultimate Variety Show - 7 & 9 pm - Aladdin.
    * Xtreme Close-Up Magic - Steve Dacri - 7 pm Tues - O'Shea's Comedy Theatre -

    Exclusive Breaking News:

    * Steve Dacri and his "Xtreme Close-up Magic" have closed at O'Shea's (the Flamingo is converting it to a Bingo parlor), but look for a version of "Xtreme" in the new "Ovations" show in the new Ovations Showroom at the Lady Luck (downtown). Steve will MC the new production aided by two huge digital screens and a roving camera. The show will also feature a unique blend of world-class specialty acts. "Ovations" is set to open August 15.
    * In a surprise move, there will NOT be a COMDEX convention in Las Vegas this year, the first time since it started in 1979. Exhibitors hired many magicians over the years.
    * "Two Girls and a Guy - Music, Magic & Comedy." (Scott & Jenny Alexander) closed on June 20 - Fitzgerald's. Justin Tranz (Hypnotist) closed - O'Shea's Comedy Theatre.
    Dixie Dooley and Shedini will be featured in "Escape" at Le Bistro Theatre at the Riviera. The show opens on July 8 and will run on Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:30 pm.
    Magician Mark Bennick & Escape Artist Tyas Frantz are now permanent members of Spotlight instead of Les McKinney.
    The show "SHOCK" (strange sideshow comedy performance) features Tim Cridland, The Torture King - Greek Isle, lip Sat-Mon. - This show is not for kids or the weak of heart.

    July 2004:

    * Through July 22: James Dimmare (doing his Mona Lisa routine) - World's Greatest Magic Show.
    * Through August 4: Juliana Chen - World's Greatest Magic Show.
    * July 3-8: Mark Bennick III - "Spotlight" 7 pm - Bourbon Street.
    * July 8: Dixie Dooley and "Shedini" open in "Escape" - Thurs to Sat. - Riviera.
    * July 8-21: David Copperfield - Hollywood Theater - MGM Grand.

    August 2004:

    * Through August 4: Juliana Chen - World's Greatest Magic Show.
    * August 22-25: MAGIC Live! (Magic Magazine's 13th Anniversary Convention) -
    The Orleans Hotel.

    September - November 2004

    * September 12-14: The 4th Annual Las Vegas Magic Invitational - San Remo. Performing so far: Gazzo, Michael Close, Paul Cummins, Daryl, Aldo Colombini, Kostya Kimlat, Steve Draun, Chad Long, Dean Dill and the special guest of honor, premiere close-up artist and teacher Roger Klause.
    * September 15: Magic University. Will be a one day extra fee workshops from lecturers Michael Close, Chad Long, Kostya Kimlat, Aldo Colombini, Roger Klause, Daryl, Dean Dill, Steve Draun, Gazzo and Paul Cummins.
    * November 14-16: MINDVENTION - Las Vegas' First Annual All Mentalism Convention - San Remo featuring: Bob Cassidy, Alain Nu, Terry Nosek, Mark Strivings, Richard Osterlind, Chuck Hickok, Brad Henderson, Bruce Bernstein,
    Lee Earle, Larry Becker and more to come!

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