Young Magicians 2020 - Workshop in Sweden - August 10-14

Tom Stone

11 apr 2011
(Apologies for writing in English)


If you know any young magician, girl or boy, please let them know about this.
Feel free to spread it to magicians & magic clubs, both within and outside the country.

This is a 5 day hands-on workshop in conjuring for young magicians, boys and girls, between 14-17 years of age.

The main instructor is Leif Olberius, who handled the junior program for Swedish Magic Circle for many years.
With additional lessons by Tom Stone (misdirection), Carisa Hendrix (character development) and Tim Star (propmaking)

There will be loads of exercises in misdirection, dramatic and deceptive structure, as well as in prop making.
In small groups our participants will examine magic theories, apply them and discuss them in the context of performances.
We will work from early morning to late in the evening and it will be fun, challenging and rewarding.

The venue is Sigtuna Folkhögskola - a "folk highschool" about 15 minutes from Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden.
The school have small apartments for the students, and the kitchen serves good & healthy food, 5 meals/day.

The workshop itself is free of charge.
The price for room & meals is 3375 SEK (about 315 Euro)

To sign up: